Jeff & Danielle

My little superstar

There’s no better way to find joy than volunteering or investing your time to something you truly believe in. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve been involved with Nova Scotia’s TMA: Therapeutic Medical Alert Service Dogs. Puppies are placed from 8 weeks where they begin puppy socialization and training until they’re […]

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Toys for Boys…. in Cuba

One of the most remarkable things about this country is the obvious ability that everyone there possesses to make do with what they have. They use rain water for the plants, bicycles for cars, and old wine bottles for toys. As the popular local saying goes, “Es mejor que nada.” Advertisements

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The Canadian things..

Thrilled seeing all the donations and knowing your country is supporting developing ones in the ways they know how is a comforting, happy thing… It sort of became a photo taking obsession… Allllll the Canadian things!

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Wherever we can catch some zZZ's

The Hat Man

If you make it to Holguin, this is one guy you don’t want to miss. He spends his days roaming the busy squares of downtown Holguin with his unconditional smiles and ‘making a living’ dedication.

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The little things..

  There was a certain element about the “common curtesy” exploding all over Cuba that really stood out to me, the sincerity of it all. Our fast busy 8-5 (then endless busy evenings) lives aren’t so generous in granting us the time to see it, until we need it. Keep your eye out, sometimes its […]

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Nighttime Princess of Gibara

This sweet little princess enjoys a live music event on a Saturday night out with her Momma, downtown Gibara, Cuba. Advertisements

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